How to install Owncloud 5 With Webmin and CentOS 6

This tutorial covers how to install Owncloud,  a Dropbox like program that runs on your VPS or server.  You must have a webserver like APACHE (Tutorial)  and PHP (Tutorial) installed in order for this to work.

Owncloud  has apps for Apple, Android, Linux and Windows phones and desktop.  We are using Centos 6 operating system and Webmin control panel. (Webmin installation tutorial)   To install this we will first have to install the RHEL EPEL Repo.   A repo is a collection of packages you can download  for a Centos 6.x Or RedHat-based system to use Fedora Epel, a repo or repository of packages. These package repositories are not officially supported by CentOS, but they provide much more current versions of popular applications like PHP or MYSQL.

You can do this logged in to your VPS or server via SSH as root, or you can do it with Webmin control panel.  Open your Webmin control panel in your browser and go to Others==>Command Shell:


 Type ” wget”  without the quotation marks in to the empty field and press the “Execute command:” button.

Now type “rpm -Uvh epel-release-6*.rpm” without the quotation marks in to the “Execute command” field and click the “Execute command” button.


Do the same for the next four commands, it may take a while for it to install some of the packages, so be patient:

yum –enablerepo=epel install php-pear-MDB2-Driver-mysqli php-pear-Net-Curl

wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d

yum -y install owncloud

/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart

Now Owncloud should be set up and reachable on your server by typing this in your browser:   http://yourIPnumber/owncloud


Update your PHP version if you would like to get rid of the warning like I have.  It still worked fine without updating.  Type in the user and pass you would like to have and you’re all set to go.